Asira’malika Val’Jaal’darya

The only illharess without an official design yet. So even though she does not appear in the upcoming prologue nor the remake of chapter 4, i had to make a concept arts for her.


  1. And another wonderfull characterdesign. Right now I’m totally head over heals for her cutsy evil chibiversion. Makes me wonder whats the reason for the bleaching?

  2. 6’4″! Wow, that’s a lot of woman! XD Loving the design, Kern! Very exotic looking, even for a drow!

  3. Gorgeous.I love her. Her necklace reminds me of egypt or aztecs and mayans and her outfit as a whole seems very indian, especially the color scheme. She seems very proud and (maybe this is the chibi talking) mischievious. >>

  4. Oooh~ Her colours and such as nice on the eyes!

    …I may have to do a fanart, if only to experiment with her lovely design~ ^^

    Great job!

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