Thoughts on the story thus far

Its been a week and an exhausting one at that. Kite has yet to find her footing so both episodes so far were mostly colored by me. With the weekly daydream pages on top its hard to find time for commission and personal art, thus the small roster of artworks this week. Thanks to Valts for continuously updating the site , making us step by step closer to have the transition complete.

On the topic of the story thus far. We’ve episode 1 about the fall and episode 2 the waking up and meeting of the first Helian. It is a stranger in a strange land setup, meant to introduce the viewer to the new world through the eyes of someone who discover it along with the reader. First enemy on the road? A slime, of course. Lowest of the low in term of monsters power scaling. One that will be useful for the setup.

Compare this to DT. The very first chapter had Ariel being locked up , growing up with idealized stories as her window to the world beyond.. Thus everything she would encounter after could be seen from her more idealistic point of view, one closer to the readers. I then added the prologue to that which was a massive lore dump and a hard gate to pass. The same could’ve been done for Hel, starting with a certain big war in the past, but i (hopefully) learned to avoid this mistake. Starting with action is fine but its a delicate balance to make it something that people will understand on the get go. Easier to start with a stranger and leave the greater conflicts for later, when the readers are familiar with the setting and its conflicts. Will it be the right choice? We’ll see. Its back to step 1 of a big project and there’s many months to come before i know if this will work out or not.

The discord server was revamped for the pages announcements. A better structure i think. Some tweaks were made to the webtoon as i’m learning to use the system. While webtoon is not necessary for success it is the biggest gate/challenge to overcome to reach a new much needed audience.


  1. Yeah, the problem I had with Webtoon was that if you searched for Hel, it wouldn’t come up anywhere unless you searched for helofacomic. Now, it’s coming up in the canvas section with just Hel but it’s not in originals where I would assume it should be? I’m not sure if that’s because of likes or followers or how that’s set up, or if I’m just hopeless at using the site but I’m sure there are others as inept as I am with new things.

    1. Love the new website and story so far! I recently discovered web toons through Solo Levelling, Bloodstain, and some of Nebezial’s work. The new format is fabulous for mobile. Really excited to see the story progress! I just subbed to your Patreon to support.

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