The finale

The final 3 pages, the big preview and transition for readers of DT to get a glimpse that the next story is from a shared world and timeline. Today the second of those finals went up. A page introducing the “angel”, beings shown only in background of the vanir chapter and the myth story prototype from 2012. Though of course they’re no angel in traditional terms. Only another people who survived in a continent far away in the west.

As for progress on hel, i am thumbnailing all pages before making a final version of the starting ones. Currently at page 80 , although this won’t be a good measurement of how long the first story will be. As the length of each update will change greatly. I was hoping to be done with them last thursday for a bigger lead on finished pages but things rarely go according to plan. So crunch time for this week! Finish the remaining page thumbnails, get page 1-3 colored, prepare the patreon page, launch the sites, , change the facebook and discord. — Lots of stuff.

Drawing quick version of all the pages before making final ones is a first for me, i do find it more efficient though it does require 2 weeks without pages. So while this is a lot, i do intend to do it again for future stories. Writing scripts like earlier in DT was a 3-4 days dedicated time, but then when it came to do each pages i would take 1-2 hours just to figure out the composition. There its reversed. I am much faster than i used to, spending the time to do the compositions with the text hand drawn over it. Text that is then transcribed to a document and since Kite has been my proofreader she will go from proofreading to transfering it back unto a color page. Its a different loop, likely for the best. As it is possible to go from page 80, back to 1, to add elements that may be missing before proceeding forward. Anyways, back to thumbnailing pages it is!

Cat tax.


  1. After many years the end is near. BTW I always thought that Suntiger did all of your proofreading? He left too? Is this project not becoming too big for only two artists? Don’t want you guys to burnout and in last few posts you sounded kind of tired. Please take care.

    1. We lost touch with suntiger many years ago. Thalar stepped in to help from 2018 onward, i think. And no worries i’m fine. This is my passion project and my job, i want it to succeed. Even if the work is endless :D

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