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It was bound to happen someday and i admit to have had an emotional time drawing the final page. By monday it’ll be done and so will be my work on DT proper. Kite will still be coloring the pages i’ve done, as to when she will be done that i can’t say for sure. My hope was for late september beginning of october ; though she is on page 71, which i hope goes up tonight. This leave 5 pages uncolored. If she does 2 pages a week that means in 2-3 weeks it over. But if she struggles, it could be at the end of october. In the meantime i’m not wasting this chance to prepare–

Prep work a plenty. Setting up the event tree from beginning to end, clarifying lore points that were vague, adding a new region because the west of the hel region was blank . Even on the very old map from 10 years ago the landmass was abruptly stopping on the west side, this now changes, at the last minute. But is it truly last minute if there is no way any of these lands are going to be used within a year of work? I suppose it may not. Just like those mythical figures I’ve been designing, none of them will appear on the first story arc. Still they felt important to scope out the work. By having the people at the bottom and the people at the top, there is a range in between for the nameless characters to come to be. Just like having a beginning and an end to a story help flesh up what happens in between.

Most importantly though was the work on the Week 1 update that received some coloring work. week 2 was sketched and my aim to thumbnail every week updates till the first story is completed, and so before the first update goes up. Though because first impression is so important its likely i will revise the first week update again and again before its finally ready. I’m refering to “weeks” now because these pages are gigantic, mini chapters of their own, to go online every week. The web site i’m told is almost ready too, just needs an uploader. And lately i’ve been using DT updates and daydream updates as studies to get the vertical layout right. Still much to learn on that front, to make comics look good on cellphones and tablets. After so many years thinking of things horizontaly.

Final cameo epilogue. I’ve not received any more inquiries and as they things really quieted down around i don’t think any more will come in. I will likely take all the cameo epilogue and put them up as one in the archive.
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  1. I’ve been with y’all since 2005- the drawing contest caught my eye.

    For me it’s been 17 years, a divorce, a new family, 5 moves, 8 jobs, 5 cats (plus one that was never “mine”), 3 dtpbp characters (plus one unofficial – she got drawn by Kern) and 4 webcomics of my own, all currently defunct.

    I met two of my Drowtales buddies IRL.

    I never watched GoT and only read the first book. Didn’t feel like I needed to – I had this, and here the art was better. We also have an ending, so RR Martin can suck it.

    Just… thanks. Thanks to all y’all – my Tei’kaliath clan members who got me through the last painful days of my marriage, the people who played with Pon’i and whatever my light elf’s name was. Gaul, if you read this, email me – I have the same email but I lost your address! Thanks to the guy who typed “Wow… you’re one of the Old Ones!” once on the forum. Youngun, you have no idea, lol! Thanks even to the people who entered the art contests… I never got up the guts to submit anything.

    Thanks to Kern and Kite for making this world and letting me be a part of it. I’ve been DMing 5th edition for nearly a decade, and the only race restriction I implemented was if you were drow you had to be from Drowtales. (It drove a couple of players crazy.)

    Let’s see how crazy Hel gets!

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