Its helish down here

News, good news. Progress in general with web site, streamlining, story and I’ve begun drawing pages for the next story . We even have an ending at last, something DT lacked for a long time. Events tree(which dt never had) , writing and notes from beginning to end with so many named characters and designs made over the years. Now. would that have been better many months ago? For sure. Originally my hope was to launch this thing in april and here i am late august rushing this as i’ve only 4 pages left to draw of DT. There is few more than that coming as Kite needs to colors some of those i’ve already drawn. Still it isn’t much left. Like a looming meteor.
So big transition coming that makes me quite nervous. hoping for the best. A smooth transition, a launch of webtoon that won’t fail, web site that doesn’t crash, even the server needs an update. And daydream, that one is my biggest concern as there is a gigantic database transfer which has not been touched yet nor can i handle it myself. I expect that some features won’t be ready on time on that front.

As to the key on how to make progress, it was to dedicate days to the development of the project instead of juggling DT page, daydream, comission, study — leaving normally no time to try to prepare anything else. An obvious thing but the juggling does need to happen to pay the bills

And , flashback from 10 years ago, that this has been a long time coming. This is from the story selection that lead to We are ferals being a thing instead.


  1. I think you’ll be ok man. You have the single greatest work ethic Ive ever come across in my whole lifetime and you’re in a much better position experience and art wise than when you started Drowtales, and it worked out. Plus, you’re starting off with Kite this time around and you’ve got a much better road map for where you’re going with Hel by the sounds of things. Yeah the internet has changed alot, and perhaps some of the fan base won’t transfer over, but I think alot of us are excited to see what’s next.

    -and Bean is helping too I see.

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