Working on opening the gate of Hel


Progress! At last. Writing for Hel begun , web site coding has begun as well. I will be able to start on the prototype pages and complete Daydream redesign. The later is very pressing. Lets get things done this month because time is running out! Even if some reminded me i missed a character epilogue so there is a bit of a delay on that front. The thought that there is around 2 more news post to be made until this is all moved to a new site is making me feel like the next project is a meteor about to crash, one that i must catch while juggling other works. Technically i am done with all characters epilogues now, its just that my partner have several pages to colors before they are all online. Including the missing cameo from last year!

All there is left for DT’s story is this important festival the characters were talking about. DT was inspired by the games i played in my childhood, Final fantasy 6 being the prominent one. Many characters point of view , each having their stories that end being woven together. Empire, magitek, airship, end of the world reconstruction. So its no surprise i also wish a scene that feel like a classic rpg finale. Even if the funding for DT is long gone and the financial pressure is quite heavy at the moment, i want this project to be wrapped up nicely before i say good bye to it.