spring delay

Hel is unfortunately not ready. I was planning and hoping for the anniversary release and here we are, Back down in update rate, web designs not done and it is already may. A lot of concept work was done, thats the one good news, much of it done by Darkvolt and to be released later. Our original plan for a short test story was scrapped for something more lasting although that mean more time need to be invested. As for DT’s epilogues there is currently 8 left to draw, if it were 2 update a week as it should be that would be fast but as it is now i do not know when this will happen. Hel test story will be released on the new site likely before these 8 epilogues are done.

Cat tax


  1. Hey, stuff happens! Personally I would rather you all take your time to make things right rather than rush. Your fans have learned to wait for good things.

    And please take care of yourselves! We’d all hate to hear one of you got sick or hurt from pushing too hard.

    Thank you for all the work you are doing!

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