Art, stuff.

It’s been a while since I posted some art, so here goes!

Sometimes I doodle quick stuff while coloring pages…


I suppose this next one won’t make sense until the next page. :b


Silly Kelnoz! Trying to steal Faen’s cute happy tactic…

Here’s some other various artwork.

Kaito and Desmonde charactersRico fanart from Fantasy RealmsQuaintana wallpaper 1280×1024seth loves chibis - for starlit dragonKor’maril by Kite and StarlitdragonYoung Tir’ade

Kern drew me chibis of my two sibling characters, Kaito and Desmonde. :) Next, there is fanart of Rico, a character from Fantasy Realms (they started updating again! check them out!). Another new wallpaper of Quain’tana (it’s been up for a while). A silly doodle of Seth and chibi Tir’ade for my good friend, Starlitdragon. We also did a collaboration art together of Kor’maril! He will be appearing in the end of the next chapter. ;) And finally, a random doodle of a young Tir’ade that I did some months ago (I’ve been drawing lots of Tir’ade, though this one seemed fit to post).

Miburo and Denhommer commission

Also, Kern and I did chibis of Miburo and Denhommer, for their trip to Japan. I hope you guys have a lot of fun there! :D


  1. Fantasy Realms updated?! Now that’s awesome news. I gave up on that comic. D:

    I’ve always wanted to see Japan, for its lovely cities and landscapes. Japanese gardens!! Have a good time, Denhommer and Miburo.

    Kite draws cute Tir’ade. c8

  2. Japan is great. Thanks again for the chibis!
    If you want to see more about our trip visit
    we do our best to update daily

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