Thought I would share these. :) You can always find these things in the Media section, though I haven’t listed these there yet.

The first one was done by Starlitdragon, a Chapter 2 cover turned into a wallpaper. The rest are various panels that appeared in chapter 3.

Chapter 2 Cover 1280×960Naal’Suul 1280×1024 WallpaperKhaless 2 1280×1024 WallpaperKhaless 1280×1024 WallpaperGlutton 1280×1024 WallpaperFaen 1280×1024 WallpaperSnadhya’Runes 1280×1024 Wallpaper

edit: corrected Snadhya’runes name. ;)


  1. The thumbnails for the wallpapers look really neat, but when I click on them, it says there’s nothing there.

  2. Ack! I guess that feature only works if you’re logged in. It’s supposed to take you to a seperate page where you can comment on the image and stuff. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix it right now.

  3. Khaless is soooo gorgeous in her… natural? original? form.

    And Snadhya is lovely. :D

  4. Will there be ever Syphile Wallpapers? Well, if Snadhya’runes had one, why not her?

  5. Why isn,t there new wallpaper of the hundred other drowtales characters?
    All the same reason : Why would there be? Kite went with the arts she liked and did those for the enjoyement of creating wallpapers.
    Beside there is no recent arts of syphile.

  6. Syphile was from the very beginning and had a huge impact on Ariel developing her personality. That is why there should be at least one sweet wallpaper. And there are fans of her out there … Probably… And beside she’s cute! Like at the very bottom of Chapter 09 page 017.

  7. I’m all over the Naal’suul one. =D Thank you!

    Hey Qiax, it takes time and effort to make a wallpaper. If the artist says ‘no’, just let it rest. :P Alternatively, you can make your own wallpaper.

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