Nose boop

Alas the art block challenge remained! Why do they last so long and why is it so cold already. Also why is the world still suffering this slowburn apocalypse?

Anyways, we all need bunnies, as many buns as we can;

Angry bun emote.

Looming Nadja(silvertea’s) emote.

Boop the snake animation from Darkvolt. Featuring Goblin Kiel and snake Chrys.Speaking of , whole gang for Kiel as goblins in Darkvolt’s universe.

Scary cute challenge by Maca is of Faen. Very accurate, true Bear nature.

And Kyo in a new outfit by Maca.
Now to the commissions.

One demon love comic page up on daydream for Lordpanther.

Novel cover progress for Folclor, to be completed on saturday.

PTP character returning as cameo, for Samantha.

Sev at the bath for Vlashrod.

Tiny halfling on opposum for Folclor.

Now for the personal arts
Birthday gift for Bam.

Two artworks for our FF14 raid group. A what if our characters are musicaly performing and and the draft of a very simple animation, for kIt eto flesh out.

Goblin Kiel and Naal, for Darkvolt.

The boop the snake challenge. No specific character there, just a normal snake with arms, you know, like any snakes would.
Maca’s helian for the scary cute challenge.

Kiel, Faen and Ariel for Eld, with modern  masks and horrible human ears. And one artwork for the helian roleplay : The mightiest enemy of them all, a rubber ducky crossing dimensions and turning furnitures into animated monsters.


  1. I love these art dumps – always a pleasure to see.

    Speaking of buns, I can’t wait for my stabby bun to be high enough level (and done the main story!) to be able to join you guys on the raids. Soooooon.

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