Apocalypse survivors

Hey its April! We’ve all survived the first month of the apocalypse! Yay, all of you get to be survivors lvl2 now. Not yet ready for face costco but one step closer to facing the incoming zombies hordes later this year.

How are we doing? Okay. We’re expert introverts. So not much has changed but i for one am focusing more on arts lately. Fewers errands, less videogames, more times at my station. The next chapter writing is past the draft phase now and i’m at assigning the cameos in their slots. Unfortunately i am a week late on the writing schedule i’ve assigned myself. Drawing is something thats comfortable , writing is, well, nail biting. Especially with this big incoming chapter. Writing the very end of DT after so so many years does leave an emotional impact which i hope some of you will feel as well when its finally time.

Now for the art. Starlitdragon has return to her pen! The one good news from all that covid madness. She begun with a Diva tribute:

And Darkvolt made the first official helian fanart ever. So much fluff there.

He reminded me of those artworks from years ago that he drew during the characters design jam where i designed some of the very first characters of Hel. Which made me curious. When did i start thinking of this as a possible project? Looking back i found out a map from 2008 with hel’s placement on it. The answer is thus ; a freaking long time.

Mid march art challenge was to do share our sketches with another artist who’d ink it then a third artist would color it. This is still in progress. The next challenge was to animal crossingify our characters:

Then we had a 4 artists jam for designing monsters , all the proceeding were off stream. I made Cordycep as a monster girl:

The gaming art week days streams are still going. With Kite drawing Ori and the will of the wisp pieces while i play

Meanwhile Kite did  a lot of animal crossing streams which i felt like mixing with doom of course:

And one Florance

for commissions. Kite finished this artwork of Syphile for Lordpanther.

I did the next syphile daydream story for Lordpanther which is now online on daydream.

I did 3 more concept arts. One for Karrin


Miburo and Kevin

Now for the misc stuff. a quick pic for another RP player in our sessions

Putting down an idea for Hel down on “paper”

Some giveaways. For sarai

And hfar

Me coloring Kite’s lines for once, because we wanted to see how it would look. She drew FF14 Chiri.

While i did FF14 Shan. Which she has not finished coloringé

Finally, for the animations. It has been more than a year since i’ve tried to do some after effects. Rusty? So very much so. I,ve got to start small all over again to relearn how to do things.

D&D Naal with DT Naal. Then FF14 Chiri and the the helian girl  were the topic of the animations. For Chiri i tried frame by frame with simple modifications while the other two were pure affect tricks.

The animations can be seen by clicking on the GIFs below. Beware, they’re 10 megs each.



  1. I don’t know the meaning of »costco«, but the firſt paragraph just saved my day. :D :D :D :D

  2. You know, it wasn’t until I saw the animal crossingify of Ariel and Faen that I realized why Chel was doomed from the beginning of the Sarg/Sully alliance. Madness I tell you, madness.

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