virus and state of things

By now everyone is very aware of the world’s situation. Virus and the consequence it has on the world. Sure feels like the apocalypse out there , more than the TP madness, its pretty much everything thats affected. Including us. We haven’t caught it but it did disrupt the routine. It certainly affected all daydream artists, two of them who are on forced quarantine due to having been in contact with a place that had the virus. As for me, well, i did, maybe, forget to upload a page update in all that ongoing madness… A poor excuse but if you were wondering where was page 108 last weekend, there it is! Page 109 which is done will go up on friday. Page 110 the final page of the chapter is likely on sunday or monday. Coming after that will be a series of chibi pages before the next chapter begins.
As for the weekdays streams , we did skip the monday one but for the rest of the days it is back to normal. Friday will feature the game “Florance” that Kite will play and i will draw.

Below are the artworks done on the those gaming streams. For..

Untitled goose.

Slime rancher


Stories path of destinies, holy shit Kite was productive on that one:

And the very first stream: world of horror.


Commission wise, not much was done i’m afraid.
One concept art for Tsukiko, using the new model for chapter 57
Daydream story frame for Lordpanther

Ariel sleepy on a throne for lordpanther

Logo for Folclor

silly little doodle for the discordHelian discord of a harpy.


A style practice of D&D Naal. More paintery than my usual yet it is inked.



“Art” challenge was of doing a map. Its huh a lot harder than it look within a short time.

So much so Kite didn’t do hers.

Then there was one where we had to turn an avatar maker random result into an artwork.

And the birthdays. For Silvertea and Nak

Finally a monster hunter emote, of Dodogama


  1. I’m in sort of a crisis myself.

    There might not be any strawberries this summer. The horror…..

    Since all the border lockdowns, there will not come any seasonal workers from abroad to plant any strawberry plants.

    Woe mee….

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