Incoming final cameo call.

To answer the questions from the comments. Yes its the final cameo, final chapter but its not the final comic. We’re just starting something new and we’ll make a proper announcement on the 17th april 19th anniversary.

Will the web site go down? no. But it will become a static web site. An archive so to speak. If daydream is still active it will be moved to the new site. Forum have been closed for a year already and RH is closing this weekend. This news feed though… complicated. It was already due to be closed and thats why i had not updated it! Turn up Martin went on the back end and somehow fixed it so it’ll stick around till the comic is complete.

Check out the web site this weekend to get your character in the final chapter of the comic. It’ll be in the news feed here  and on discord 


An epic fanart from Maca of many of the cast. Thank you Maca, it had been a while since i’ve seen fanwork with such work put in!

we’ve also restarted weekdays twitch stream after months of haitus. Mixing game and art at the same time. It’ll be monday , wednesday and friday. Starting with World of horror:

And Slime rancher:

Ariel on the throne sleepy for Lordpanther.

And kite had a personal art of her orc boi for D&D.

Lordpanther sponsored a new daydream story remake, This time of Tranquil’s classic demon love. The votes are open.

I‘ve done several style study aka found a picture i’ve found inspiring and tried to do my take on it. And character study aka i try to make a character out of a concept.

Style study of Naal in oneof DV’s armor design.

Character study of an helian with a big tail and small arms.

Style study of a helian old design.

Failed character study. I wanted to try a muscular 4 armed character but meh.

Character study. Tree lady serving as a door.

Character study of a mushroom turned character.

Character study. Slug lady making plushies.

Character study. Small dude, big weapon.

And a whole bunch of emotes for discord and Twitch.

NSFW commission for lordpanther that was put up on daydream

A silly edit where i added my oni on Darkvolt’s oni artwork.

Fluffy fantasy mount. Wooloo.

Giveaway for xaine.

And Sygdom:

For Vlashrod i think?

Commission for Beanie of his elf in space age.

Kite gift art to a friend of a doggo.


And there was a final NSFW commission. But haven’t posted it on daydream either. It’ll stay with the commissioner.


  1. Thanks for the heads up Kern, I continue to be both sad but excited to see the last chapter of Drowtales, it will be weird not having DT updates to look forward to every week as I have since my college days, but all good things must come to end eventually (even when we don’t want them to lol). I’m sure the finale will be truly something special, can’t wait to see how it all ends, & I’ll be sure to get my OCs in tomorrow or Sunday for the last cameo call.

    Thanks for all the fun years of fantasy storytelling, its been a trip!

  2. Please give the time of cameo call – and timezone. I will be on my way to work sometime during the streaming. I might have to reschedule my time of departure depending on when the call will go off.

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