state of the server

At the beginning of the month i was informed of a hacking of our server and that our database was on a chinese server. Turn up that leak was from 2 years ago, with the passwords being out of date and 98% of them being encrypted. Safe? not entirely, a few were not encrypted, mainly those accounts which had password reset and yet did not receive a new password after the reset. Considering at least one person admitted using a hacked account on the web site it left us with a big problem in our hands. First, remaining unencrypted passwords were all dealth with. valts is working on forcing a password change on everyone, we will have to take down the forum even though it’s been on maintenance lock down for a year and finally, this news feed will need to change. All of which will be done this done.  Sorry for the troubles to those who were affected. It was a stressful time for all of us. Rest assured all financial informations are stored on paypal only.

As to what to do with the news feed. There’s two options. First, delete the theme, leave it to a default state. Or move to tumblr for a public feed. The later would be for a more permanent solution as the site is about to reach the last chapter soon.

I get people surprised on discord all the time so its worth repeating ; yes, the next chapter is the last for DT! It will be a long chapter but last regardless. The cameo call is likely to be the 29th february or 6th march. So the web site which is really oudated in design by now only has to last this last year. Before we start a new site for a new comic project.

Okay all the blah blah is out of the way, time to post the art of the last 2 weeks.

Commission for Khuja of his FF14 character.

Kite making a new discord avatar and server icon. Fat cat and sushi.

Her D&D orc character.

Commission in progress for lordpanther.

The art challenge fantasy scifi where she made the fat cat into a destiny ghost.

Commission for Lordpanther, cat snad.

Triple monster hunter paolumu! For an art challenge. Including one where he was turned into a character. While the other two are pokemonified.

My … monster hunter turn into a character didn’t turn so good. Beteljeuze, yeah…


Giveaway for Sygdom.

Both of these are style practice based on looking at another artist style and attempt to mimic an element.

Quaintana propaganda for Lordpanther.

Giveaway for Sarai.

My take on pokemonifying monster hunter’s monsters.
Commission for a friend of Beanie. A D&D kobold.

And two NSFW commission , both put up on daydream. The first is for Vlashrod. The second for lordpanther.


  1. Are…are you going to take the whole site down once Drowtales is over? Or are just the News feed and forums going away? And if you take the news feed down, how will we find the new comic if we dont follow you guys through Discord or tumblr ??

  2. I look forward to the last cameo call for the final chapter of Drowtales! It will be sad to see DT come to an end, but its been a lot of fun being a part of the community and a fan of the comic, so no regrets :D

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