Cat Snadhya

We live! Although health and sleep schedule have not been great for a while now. Still we will have our regular saturday stream later today at 2pm east! The challenge will be turning an a creature into a character.

Kite’s work on lordpanther commission below. its unusual for her to offer multiple possibilities. Snad cat:

Her newD&D character, an half orc “fornow”.

And her take on my monster hunter iceborne ‘s character. A game that came out on pc recently and which has been consuming us both.

My take on it. Pretty much the only artwork i’ve done for fun in the entire month. Something i have to remedy for sanity sake.

Then for the commission i have only a few to show for 2 weeks of work. First is for Vlashrod, his nid agent:

Then its Folclor’s next novel backcover and frontcover.

One of the art challenge was to mimic the style from the game Hades. For which i’ve drawn my helian girl.

Another challenge was to do pixel art of our D&D characters. kind of a rushed challenge there!

Giveaways. For leo


And bonus one for Farex
two more artworks are in progress. First is one our destiny characters. And the next is lordpanther sarghress propaganda poster commission. Although i will have to work on Xaine’s concept art first for today.