A brand new years and hundreds of artworks to do! I feel bad i never finished the big 2019 games of the year artwork. A whole year went by and the task of drawing dozens of games mashed up in one artwork was too daunting.  If i have an art resolution for this year it would be to build a portfolio and make artworks for it that explore new themes. Possibly some that explore possible new projects for after DT while pushing my commission work range.  As it seem it’ll be an important for our career in the future.

But for now, a look to the past. Choosing my favourite artworks of each months. May was… hm, lots of nsfw and concept arts so the choices were slim.

Its already been a week since we’re back to work . The first art challenge of the year was to attempt the destiny 2 class monochromatic art style. one color painting, yet trying to make it stand out. I went queen ariel with the color red.

While kite did her destiny character. 

Now for the commission done during that last week.
One for mullet, space age related.

Another for Farex, of his characters dressed as Mel and Ariel.

Giveaways. One for lordpanther because he had none during the holidays

Kite’s last 3 giveaways from the holiday special.

My secret santa for solitary agent. I did get one in return but sadly lost the link. 
And kite’s gift art for one of her friend.



  1. Happy New Year Kite and Kern! Great assortment of artwork, especially of Illharess Ariel Val’Sarghress! So cool to finally see her crowned after all these years, Snad is in so much trouble >;3

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