Holidays giveaways

First , glad you guys enjoyed the current storyline resolution. And happy early holidays to everyone. We’ll be leaving on monday with one last page before the holidays break. We’ll be back to work on the following monday the 30th december.

Thanks to lordpanther for sponsoring the annual giveaway stream. It made for a busy stream.

Kite took 8 requests while mau, darkvolt and me each took 9. Some have yet to be done as we ran out of time on stream to satisfy all the requests.




Whew. Now on to the commission:

For beanie. Since its NSFW its up on daydream. A mix of CSP and sai was used for this one.

And a late giveaway for Ssapdra. i am working on a last minute artwork for Sygdom’s secret santa but it can’t be shared until after the holidays

The minion challenge kite did last week without the frame:

and a new emote:


  1. All very cool. Makes me sorry I couldnt see them all drawn. Anyway, Happiest of Holidays guys!

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