fat cat can fly

3 personal piece from Kite, including one that she started at the beginning of the year:

both ff14 themed. Meanwhile her masterpiece “fashion” themed art challenge. Much fashion:

and mine for the challenge. The outfit was chosen by ssapdra:

One of the two commission for lordpanther this month was magical girl Chrys:


The progress on Folclor’s next novel in progress:
Birthday gifts! first for kunryu, then Tsukiko

Not kite birthday but she got one too! I just wanted to draw something cute with a big scarf.

Comission for beanie of a Gnoll
Commission for Feywildknight that is NSFW and only available on daydream.

Commission for silverthorn of the same goblin character as last time.

Commission for Dalvyserran of her D&D character putting makeup on.

The giveaways, first for Thirdadil then Sygdom.
wedding present for Eltharrion and tsukiko

A 5 minute quick piece for a raiding buddy

And finally an adorable animation from Thiradil of Faen in a basket.