Unfortunately the servers weren’t the most stables of late. Power outage issues led the server to go offline 3 times in the last 2 weeks.

Although kite was productive on her side project. Coincidence? Or her raise to power at draining electricity, you decide.

For lordpanther, a much overdue Ramen baliir and Sara .

Her new D&D character for my campaign set in DT.  Adorable owl.

And her other new D&D character for her brother’s campaign. She’s starting to have many.

This saturday we managed to get a new art challenge going, it was Discord emote again. Because its fun and our discord reached rank 2. We might changes some things regarding the voice chat of those streams soon using the feature of that new rank.

Then came a birthday picture for Macabre. Of her snake boi.

Then my commissions work. one for NJack of a concept art.

Then two for silverthorn, of a goblin. First time drawing one and i’m rather please of the result on that one.

Then my giveaway was also vierra Chiri as vierranv, a co raider won the giveaway and requested something that kind of mesh with the challenge.
Then for the end of october i had the last of lordpanther’s commission wrapped up. Ninja maid vaelia.

as well as halloween Neh. Which adult’s version went to daydream. I used a color palette for this one.