Kite’s birthday and Hel

It was Kite’s birthday on saturday and for this we took the day off. No multistream and a quicker easier Chibi page in consequence for monday.

This was my “birthday card” to her. With all the D&D of late, i figured it could be about our characters always ending together no matter the worlds.

On the topic of D&D, here is Hel, a new city set in the DT world setting across the ocean. The place where the dire wolf come from and basicly a place where tainting has gone so bad that there are no untainted. Everyone has merged with their demons and their descendants built this city. A city of “demons”. Its an interesting experiment to do something drasticly different from the Chelian setting.

She finished her commission for Lordpanther.

An art exchange with Darkvolt, where i drew naga Chrys for Darkvolt and he drew Chiri as a vierra. Snake for bun.

Commission in progress for Beanie and Vestiline.

My failed attempt at doing an emote, again.

Commission for Samuraicowboy. Not a cameo!

Birthday gift for Luu

Commission for Zarannya, not a cameo!


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