With discord now offering server boosting we went and made more emotes and new animated icon.

The last will not be used as kite’s is much better.

Commission and giveaway for Guilty of his character for my new rp campaign set in Hel. Another city far away from the current events of the comic.

and makezu’s character…

On the topic RP, there is another that began where we are players. With Naal getting another version of herself designed. Below is all the players and some NPCs.

Just doodling the new link as i was watching E3.

Commission in progress of sandaur:

Birthday gift for Ssapdra

Commission for Folclor.

Giveaway for magos.

And finally, the final page of magical girl Chiri chan sponsored by Lordpanther was put up! 3 years on this project. And now a much needed break for Lordpanther on his monthly commission.


  1. Very cool icons! May I ask what that monster critter is? The one with the dinosaur head, arms, and legs, moose antlers, and armadillo body, that thing looks awesome!

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