Turn up i missed one at first but here are the last two cameo concept art for the chapter. Both nids.

Now the stream giveaways. For Enf and Vlashrod.

Some D&D characters art, one of which for Kite as part of art challenge:

An illusionist using painting to perform the illusion. For Gojikins’ campaign

And a wizard whose tools perform the spells. For Kite’s campaign

Commission for Leo of his FF14 aura

And some bunny hype!

kite’s giveaway for Mullet and Ssapdra

Then her art challenges:


  1. Yay for a happy and successful ending to Magical Girl Chiri-chan’s adventures! (No news post for it, so I am taking matters into my own hands. >:=) And yay for smiley Chiri, nakey Shan and squished Snadhya’bloom! LordPanther deserves all the happy scritchies, and it looks like he’s getting them!

    LordPanther: *reclines amidst huge piles of cushions in the huge-pile-o’-cushions room at Panther Palace.

    Chrys’cat: *cradles his head on her ample bosom, scritches his ears* It’s so nice being made into a kittyperson. I owe you so much, dear LordPanther. *purrs, kisses the top of LordPanther’s head*

    Chirikitty: *strokes and massages LordPanther’s left leg and foot*

    Chiqote: *strokes and massages LordPanther’s right leg and foot*

    Anacat: *gloms LordPanther’s left side and strokes his belly*

    Anaqote: *gloms LordPanther’s right side and strokes his chest*

    Shan’qote: *massages LordPanther’s left hand*

    Kahrqote: *massages LordPanther’s right hand*

    catmorphed!Ariel: *strokes LordPanther’s tail*

    Faen’arae (not kittified at all, but out of sight in the cushion pile beneath him): *reaches up and massages LordPanther’s butt*

    Numerous blobcats and fat cats: *crawl out from between the cushions to bask in the glow of contentment*

    LordPanther: *GLORIOUS PURRING* ^ω^


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