Bunny hype

A reminder that saturday streams now take place on mixer. Everything else is the same, okay maybe there’s more screen destruction going on : Gaming artist on mixer

So much adorable from Kite this week!

commission for mullet

New discord emote for the Vierra hype

Kite’s new D&D character, a kirin.
Which I’ve added my interaction to :

Giveaway for vlashrod

giveaway for Folclor

And Kite,s art challenge “What does your character do at night. I took advantage of that to draw Kite’s request:

I’ve finally finished all remaining concept art of cameos! With Adira and Gojikins coming last:

Cat Chrys commission for Lordpanther. Cute and Sexy. I love the design Kite had originaly made on that take, included in the chibi version

Leo commission in progress

Quick Chiri with maca’s clan hat design.

Gift for darkvolt of his ice sprite