Luigi meme

April coming to an end and spring is around the corner. I’ve struggled to find the time to do the bonus videogame artwork unfortunately.

Starting with Kite take on the sunset challenge. And, one of her most popular picture with thousands of likes on twitter. People really resonate for her wish of a great fat cat.

Giveaway for Folclor who is one of my players in the d&d campaign i run. Here is her character. A golem engineer.

the saturday art challenge was sunset. Somehow ended up with luigi because–

i memed up Luu’s picture. Too tempting

Concept art in progrses

Videogame character request was a prinny eating a doughnut

Commission for reefireparrot of Snadhya crossover with kill la kill

videogame character request of a yukinko from FF14

Commission for Beanie of his character in space age setting.
kite has done many more emotes during the last week but none that she compiled for online release yet. Still, two giveaways from her

One for lordpanther of cat Chrys. Totaly should be her new design.

And one for blacksanz.