Cat no banana

And here i was trying to be better about posting the new art everywhere– Yet i missed updating this place last week!

Cat no banana needed an icon

For a set of emotes she made for our gaming discord and her stream channels. There’s a cat no banana in there.

But then she had to make one more. Tank cat.

Kite’s giveaway for vlashrod.

And Kite’s signature from her trip to tokyo all rendered up. It says Kite Mary.

Tappity tap fat cat animation because kite showed me a cute cat game.

Concept art for Ardan Styx

Concept art for Macabre

Smash bro challenge for Ssapdra.

Giveaway for Eltharrion of his drider in my D&D campaign

Videogame character challenge Nier 2b

Videogame character challenge Mistover

Samuraimullet commission.

Concept art for Sarai.

Videogame character challenge Twinbee

Art challenge “Space black hole” so of course elder god version!

Giveaway for Eucep

Commission in progress for Makezu and Mullet


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