With pax taking 4 days it disrupted the commission progress a bit but we’re back on track. The sole news of the week is Kite has tried Mixer after having explored the possibility back at PAX, this saturday we will do a multistream on that platform. With 0 followers there that’ll be… interesting to see. The reason why this may be a possibility for saturday stream is that it natively support multiple streams with merged chats like picarto did. Twitch is great but on this front its lacking. Wether we will pursue this further depend on the result of this saturday.
Here is the link to kite’s mixer: https://mixer.com/chocolaterebel

Her new emote of a fat cat

As one of her main source of commissions of late had been making twitch emotes.

But also doggo paladin for vierranv.

On my front two of the cameo concept art were worked on.

A commission for swedish kitstune of his character as a feral

And i kept on going with the videogame character challenge on twitch. With gatoroboto, a new game seen at pax

resident evil 2 mr x

dark souls puppy

Finally a birthday gift for mau


  1. It seemed to me that the Mixer stream had a lot more random people wandering in than the twitch streams, which is a good thing (even with the exception of the occasional troll). Plus, it seems like Mixer allows lewds, which I’m all in favor for. On the negative side, it seems to be difficult to get partner status, so no subs/embers…

    Anyway personally I’d like to see more Mixer streams, and if they’re really desperate for artists, maybe they go easy on you with the partner status.

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