Chapter 25

Can’t give a title preview this time, for it is very spoilerish. But here’s one of the concept art of a new character:

Chapter 25 is going to go online late may or early june.


  1. A new sharen eh? cool…is it a guy or a gal? XD “you’d think I’d be able to tell by now lol”

    i like the warhammer

  2. He’s tainted, so he’s not a renegade. I wonder whose bloodline he’s from? Sarv’s?

  3. I’m gonna go with Zala’s bloodline, because everyone is from Zala’s bloodline, they just don’t know it yet.


    -nuzzles Zala’s cleavage-

  4. I’m thinking Zala’ess’ lineage too because her bloodline tends to wear teal and black.

  5. who cares which sister he is a decendant of. he is cute and i hope he lives, thats all im thinking right now XD

    and the dragon has a name!

  6. “Regis” means “royal” or “king” or something like that, right? I want to see some people from Sarv’s bloodline just to even things out. :p

  7. after kern finished drafting the design, he asked me on name ideas. to his point of view, I gave it a thoughtful pause and answered “Regis”. he said that calling the dragon ‘regis’ was the equivalent of naming him ‘bob’, but eventually relented to my insistence.

    later, he came by to my desk as I was filling a form. I could see the incredulous look upon his face. I was filling out my voter REGIStration paper. :D

    a little known fact when it comes to me naming things… it usually comes from whatever odd thing I have laying about on my desk XD I was aware that the word was an actual name with secondary meanings, but that’s simply how it came up. :3

    this is totally antithesis to kern’s methodology of naming things, being meaningful research on foreign languages.

    not to say that my way is in contrary, lazy and thoughtless, but it’s our different methods for finding inspiration. :)

  8. I find both ways work well, because your method sometimes leads to those secondary meanings, Kite. I feel those are less forced so the name feels better and the name also incidentally connects, while sometimes deep research to find something with an exact meaning can lead to something bland or feeling overly pushed.

    Yours I think works well – some people are quirky and name their pets “bob” or “fido”, but it also had that extra meaning, even if it was something random ;) And a mount is like a huge pet to a degree!

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