Lots of mega post of late?

Kite is leaving on saturday to visit her family who has a serious medical condition to attend. Which mean it’ll just be me for 2 weeks starting that day. What does that mean for the comic? no shading or highlighting for one thing! On that topic, Norin also have a serious medical condition of her own, one even more serious. That is why she disappeard and her daydream archive has not updated. I only learned about it today and that explain the sickness she has lasting 2 months. All i can say is i hope she gets better, i hope Kite’s father get better and that the both of them return to us soon to draw again!

Giveaway for Guilty Carrion, a goblin.

Concept art for Dalvyserran. very grumpy
And a concept art for Macabre of another grumpy character!

The 15 minutes art challenge was “dragon” so i made fat nergigante.
Kite made midgarsummer on omega.

Plague doctor from Darkest dungeon for fun!

And finally epic sexy orc commission for Guilty Carrion!


  1. Bon voyage to Kite on her trip home o/ May all things go well for her family, and may Norin recover quickly as well. Great job on Guilty’s goblin and orc lady, they look magnificent (hard to believe they’re “monsters”). Delphian’des is a cool-looking character (hi Mini-Valla ^^ ), that fat Nergy and Midgardsormr must be related (so pudgy ^^ *pokes da tummy* ), and Sygdom, er, Plague Doctor revisited (oo> (I will forever associate Syggie with the DD Plague Doctor, heh). I have to say that Chigusa is one of my favorite Val’Sharen, and her Arkeo (and Baef’s hatchling) are adorable, I hope they all survive the (hopefully temporary) incarceration. Great works, Kern and Kite \^^/

  2. That is fucking brutal, I hope things start looking up from here.

    Also, where do these 3-eyed Suus keep coming from?

    1. They are more one-eyed. At least if they are like Valla’drielle. They are blind regarding their normal eyes, which is why they are always closed, and they see through the third eye only.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about all these health issues, I wish both Kite’s father and Norin speedy recoveries.

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