Many classic outfits

Classic outfit series continues. With Diva as part of the 15 minute art challenge, then Kiel, and Chiri who has the most drastic costume change since her beginning.

A picture of FF14 chiri all sketchy for fun sake. Dunno if i’ll ever paint it.

A set of commissions for Lordpanthers. The first is because his demon with the spiky back made some think of Bowsette, she had to get the whole princess transformation. With pushed up boobs of course. The second is likely because Lordpanther saw zombie land saga and got a mused telling him that undead Quain singing would be funny.

The saturday’s stream giveaway for Enferen. Her butt loving drow boi.

And from Lunareth as part of a giveaway, she made Chakri.


  1. I knew it! Quain never left us, she merely took time off to focus on her singing career! Long live Quain’tana, the Musical Mercenary Queen! URRAH!

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