That tiny bomb

Our schedule is a mess right now and unfortunately i have no idea how to turn that around at the moment. Still, things get drawn:

Kite brought in the adorable with her FF14 themes personal artwork. One of which is a 15 minutes challenge from 2 weeks ago which she polished for for many hours.

two concept art got finished. One for guilty carrion

and one for durlyn

commission for Reefireparrot of the nalsarkoth teacher.

I started a serie where characters are wearing their classic outfits from years past, from a bout of nostalgia after looking at old chapters.

Chrys in her classic nightwear

The games of 2018 artwork was planned out with several different composition

The saturday 15 minute art challenge was “muscles”

And finally a private commission was worked on which by its nature i can’t share.


  1. Thanks again for the great work you did on Diira’s concept art, and cool collection of other pieces here too! Ariel’s old robes look pretty good on her grown up form, and I love the one with Faen admiring Ariel’s muscles, very cute >;3

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