More concepts

Concept art in progress for Guilty carrion
And one for Durlyn

With bonus silly scene for Darkvolt. Because bug spray is the worst weapon against his bug girls.

There’s a little issue with daydream updates at the moment. Seem like most artists post holidays don’t have updates ready, i’m sorry about this and hope we’ll have something rolling in later today.


  1. Thanks again for the concept art for Diira, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    P.S. looks like Faen would make an excellent recruit for the Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers >;3

    1. awww Bal’diira ^^ such a piteous cry of “THE FOOD IS GONE!” XD she taught Akumu to cook. hang in there, Diira o/

      Khaja looks pretty tough :3 I wonder what’s the deal with her numb fingers…is it because the Fat Cat is too heavy?

      dang, I like how you can see all of Faen’s teeth when she screams X) ) poor bee girl *cough*cough* ^^;

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