The big painted commission that followed up my old nergigante in more than one way. As the post of it on reddit is what led to this commission from Adrian Q for his love.
As a refresher , here was the nergigante one. It was animated slightly back in september:

Looking back on 2018 Monster hunter was my game of the year. I must have spent +200hours across both pc and Ps4 version. And i drew quite a few fanarts about it. On that, the art challenge theme was “food” so i went with a certain derpy frog.

My giveaway was for Guilty carrion:

I did another ch55 concept art, this time of Zuhur for Cortez.

I’ll do 2 more concept art in the coming week and begin my big 2018 best games collage.
Meanwhile Kite seem to have spent more of the week sleeping but she did doodle this scooty cat:

And made her top of 2018 artworks. All the cute!

Meanwhile tranquil gave me an artwork of Kiel.

And Sygdom gave me one of Sillice. So broody!


  1. Oh me, oh my, what could have got Guilty Carrion’s Orcette so flustered? She looked so overwhelmingly confident last time we saw her! *…starts thinking up things that might fluster her so* >;=)>

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