new year

Happy new year, drow, creatives and sentient potatoes!
Let’s have another year of arts with , i hope, the least amount of artist anxiety over it!

compared to previous years
My favourite artwork of each month for the year 2018. it was a hard choice on some months and these are not always the popular ones either. For exemple my most popular picture that year was the Chompette comic by far. Yet its not pushing anything. It was just a chibi comic with flat colors.


I’ve started many little animation project and not finishing them is likely my biggest shame artisticwise. At least i’m going to start 2018 with finishing that quick Gris tribute. Good videogame, check it out. It’ll be in my 2018 best games collage next week.

On the topic of games, i was commissioned to draw another insect glaive versus lunastra. Due to my piece of Kiel versus nergigante, which, is in my top artworks! Loved that one.

Zuhur concept art in progress.

Commission for Mullet was put up on daydream. He was aware of the pink panty community event of years ago and wanted his character to be part of it.

15 minutes art challenge from saturday was “Cuddly romantic”

My giveaway for xenoanubis


  1. Ooo, now that’s a portfolio! :3 Of the 2018s, I have to say that the Tranquilified collection of games for June was impressive for the sheer number of different styles you were able to draw, September’s MonHun GAO was the most dramatic and awe-inspiring, the emerald cutie from May is a strong runner-up, but my favorite has to be February’s Demon-Naal with the bottom light sourcing and Naal’s pretty face ^^/

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