Back to work

Actually got back to work wednesday! And technically finished this one on sunday but couldn’t share it until christmas:

I was participating in a secret santa with the community, mine was for Ssapdra

I got this one back from Jess

Kite got this one from Sygdom
While Kite did this one for Vestahound:

Many of Kite’s commissions were never posted up as they are for twitch streamers emotes. but this one i could grab , a wow character:

In turn i drew this quick thing for Kite. Trying to do a comic with less than 2 hours is a challenge. Its her cat girl from FF14, Chi.

The next concept art for chapter 55 was done, this one for Dalvyserran

And i’ve done the twitch stream giveaway for Vlashrod

Which i’ve now missed 2 streams in one week due to terrible sleep schedule and to monster hunter’s behemot hype.


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