With mau, Darkvolt and Kite is going to be giveaways all stream thanks to lordpanther on

And i finished my secret santa for Sygdom’ event, though can’t share it until christmas day!


  1. ‘Tis the time before Panthmas, and all ‘cross the ‘net,
    All the the fans will be waiting, all ready and set,
    Their requests will be made on the livestream with care,
    In the hope that St. LordPanther’s gift sees them there.

    For the four-and-a-half hours from 2pm East,
    Four fine artists will work on a fanservice feast,
    There is Mau, there is Darkvolt, there’s Kern and there’s Kite,
    Making artistic goodies this Panthmastide night.

    And the fans, ‘cross the world, in their blankets and rugs,
    Will be sending dear LordPanther scritchies and hugs,
    And will raise from their keyboards this call of applause:
    “Merry Panthmas to all, and to you, Santa Paws!”


    Disclaimer: blankets and rugs recommended only where it’s cold! Suitability of traditional-looking midwinter attire isn’t even guaranteed in northern latitudes any more… >:=p>

      1. Thanks, Basileus! I shall probably carry on adapting, expanding and reposting An Art-Gift from Saint LordPanther each time Santa Paws does a Christmastime giveaway now.

        I’m dreaming of a bright Panthmas,
        Just like the ones we’ve come to know,
        With the the artists gleaming,
        And all livestreaming,
        Displaying artworks on the go.
        I’m dreaming of a bright Panthmas,
        With every posting that I write,
        May your req be picked up on sight,
        And may all your Panthmasses be bright.


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