cameo day

With the current workload i’m considering pushing the next cameo call day from the 27th to the 3nd november. I haven’t had time to prepare the cameo call and there’s much to do. Plus the chapter doesn’t end before the 3nd so its okay. how many pages are left? Not much but since we only do 3 pages a week nowadays its not ending right there. Normally i make the cameo call 2 weeks before a story ends so i have time to prepare concept art but at the moment, holy shit i wouldn’t have time to work on them anyways!!!
So , yeah, 3nd november.

For today’s work i made a special for daydream set to go up tomorrow. To give the site more content. Also did lordpanther first commission of the month but Kite wanted to color it and knowing kite, she want to polish it! It’ll go up on the next news feed update. She also did this thank you picture.

Speaking of thank you picture:

Copperpheonix drew a whole bunch of Ssus in modern outfits. I asked her which one she like best and that’s how the above picture came to be.


  1. November 3rd for the cameo call works for me too! I have a Halloween Party to prepare for this weekend, so I wouldn’t have time for much of anything else so….Bullet dodged! Thanks! :D

    P.S. date night Ky’ovarde for the win! XD

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