much dog, much woof

Commission of ariel as a floppy dog ear girl in chinese new year kind of setup. I tried a slightly different style for this one.

Tomorrow we’ll be on picarto for streaming where i have two dress design to do for Vlashrod. My hope is to get 3 commission done at least before tackling more of the nid concepts.
And unfortunately i’ve to say that i’m questioning the purpose of facebook. They’re severely restricting our post to the point no one can see them. I can’t be sure of anything as of course facebook says nothing, nothing beside “pay us so more people see these posts”


  1. Yeah, I have not seen the Drowtales FB updates in sometime. I used to watch for the page updates there all the time. But, I have heard what FB has done to people like Drowtales, The Oatmeal and such trying to get their stuff out to their viewers. SO I just come directly here. Don’t pay them.

  2. Who’s a happy floppy-eared doggie? You’re a happy floppy-eared doggie! Wag that tail, Ariel!

    As for Facebook, what can one expect from a company founded and run by a man named Zuckerberg – “Sugar-mountain” in German? Such a thing can only lead to blocked arteries, type II diabetes and expanding rolls of flab muffling everything. The last thing you want to do is feed it – it’ll probably make things worse in the long term. And keep away from that sugar mountain, Ariel! Have this healthy doggie treat instead!

    Faen’arae (dressed as doggie choc drop, in swirling brown robes): :-3

    Doggy!Ariel: *scampers up* ♥drool♥ ♥nom♥ ♥nom♥ ♥nom♥

    Faen’arae: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ X-3


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