its been a while

Since we’ve seen him:

Sponsored cameo from Macabre. Tirade, now in winter clothes and having left his sarghress life behind.
I’ll do another concept art on saturday’s stream!


  1. Ah Tirade, probably one of the characters who got screwed over the most by the switch to cameos, now brought back by the very same cameo system. How ironic.

    I wonder what his life has been like since then, what he thought of being a Sarghress, and why he decided to go back to the Kyrols.

    He looks pretty adorable with Abyte there. Too bad she wasn’t sponsored too, her constant double-entendres would really spice things up.

    1. “Hm, the Sarghress are devolving into a mass clusterfuck of infighting, a lot of Mae’yukir have gone to the Dutan’vir, and the new Holy Mother says tainting is no longer a Kill Yourself matter in my case. That Kyorl colony’s looking rather nice right now!”

      And I’d love to see Abyte back, too. Maybe Kern’ll have her in in a minor role since she’s on the concept art.

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