Animations across the net and opinions needed

Shawn posted the 3 animations on various web sites for promoting them and promoting the web site. Please give those sites a visit and rate the animations or leave a comment or whatever else that could give Shawn’s work and Drowtales some recognition. Thank you for your support.
Crappy YouTube resolution.
Much better quality version from Revver.
Google Video version. Slightly better than YouTube, but not by much.

The newgrounds one will be posted on thursday. Hope it will have as strong an effect as back in 2005. It ended up on the front page, both as number one of that day but also in the featured list. The traffic on Drowtales had gone mad in result, many of the current readers came from there. So i’ll have my fingers crossed.
Youtube, Revers, and Google video is an experiment. We never tried posting anything there before. But free advertising is good advertising.

Also, a new year for Drowtales has begun and i felt it is time to ask the readers what they really want for this new year. Suggest or Vote for what you want this year!
If i could, i would do it all but it is imposible so i’ll focus the ressources on what you want the most.
I’m curently in a period of re-positioning myself and how i want this business to go. I haven’t come back to a decision yet. Wish i could talk to another person that is in this domain but those people are very rare.