final fantasy tactics

Cosplay of Chrystel by Quill’yate

It’s always great to see fanwork pushed to that level.

Today we made a final fantasy tactic style challenge where we studied the style and tried to have it as close as possible on stream:




And the magical girl chiri chan got progrses at last!


  1. The Tactics look is incredible, I especially love the Faen picture.

    You know, a drowtales Tactical RPG like that would fun.

    I misread the cosplay description at first and thought “That is a weird Quill cosplay, she doesn’t even have the green eye.”
    Now I read it right, and I can’t help put picture Quill dressing up as Chrys.
    Anyway, impressive cosplay

  2. “I can’t help put picture Quill dressing up as Chrys.” Me too XD The really impressive part is apparently that costume is held together with tape.

    Kite’s critter captures the style best as I remember it (but I havent played it since Snadhya was in diapers).

  3. Heh, the Cosplay suit was assembled at the last minute (litterally) and we had to improvise on the lower part of the front and the leather gauntlets, the armor itself is mounted with leather belts as it should be.

    Expect a V2.0 “better version” next time with added details and improved looks : this was a general rehearsal -which got mistaken by several people as “a Dragon Age Inquisition cosplay”- and the good thing is it had no issue surviving the full length of the con. :)

    1. Very nicely done! ^^ That chestplate is a piece de resistance, and the red hooded dress and other parts also rock (I just noticed the sweet red and grey vertically striped girdle). As Quill’yate said, the “blood” vials would be a great accessory. Adding the tiara and veil that Chrys’tel wears would be icing on the cake. Outstanding, you two! o/

      1. Heh thank you! The tiara, the veil & blood vials will be added for v 2.0. The side-armour (the leg-thingies) will be enlarged as they turned out to be a little bit too small. And all ducktape will be removed. :-)

        Btw, all the armour parts are 3D-printed by The Dad. And it is bloody strong.

        hi dad

  4. The FF Tactic style pics are so cute ^^ Although they do remind me of an old joke:

    “Mummies are excellent trackers, even though they have no nose.”

    “No nose? Then how do they smell?”

    “Awful.” XD

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