Art stuff

Kern has been poking me to upload these, since I haven’t posted in a while. (Darn poking stick!)

chibi faenKeisuke 'Kai'to' as HighlanderCute naalFinished sharen characters

Unshaded chibi Faen, a picture of Kai’to that I stopped working on, a sketch of chibi Naal, and the finished picture of Madea and Thalar’s characters.


  1. So… awesome *_* (stars in eyes) I’ll not embarrass myself by public fangirl squealing, but it’s SO AWESOME. ALL OF THEM.

  2. Kai’to looks so much more grown up than before for some reason, lovely picture :)
    And I am completely in love with your picture of Tialu’tel and Oiloss’lin, they turned out perfect!

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