work on chapter 51

I’m making progress on page 2 of chapter 51. So work is already underway. Some old readers will remember that back in the days there was long hiatus in between chapters where guest pages or side stories would be posted. That time is long gone leaving us to progress on the story non stop. But that said i’d still like a day off next week so if Kite and I can find some ideas of quick chibi pages(hint hint post one in a comment if something come up to mind) then we’ll deffitively take it. Monday or thursday would be nice, so that it overlap a gaming stream.
On that topic, monday is going to be FF14 stream for a while. Are you a ff14 players? If so consider dropping by the Goblin server. If we can gather a minimum of 8 players we’ll try some hard yet quick stuff.
No commissions progress today. I’ll aim to work on Cutie and Gem’s commission friday and saturday.


  1. Maybe Quain walking up to Nishi with her rock and asking if she can borrow it for a minute?

    1. yush, me too! \o/ will we see foci finagling? summon shenanigans? Mel modifications? o_O zoom zoom!

  2. Jiaan trying is best to puppeteer CrippleSnad but the strings get entangled !

  3. Random chibi shenanigans of the new Machike Defenders getting used to their surroundings? Might be funny to see Quil’yate & Rosof getting used to all the new young soldiers and drowlings running amok in their fortress XD

  4. Aw. I was looking forward to, like, a solid month of chibis. So many things with chibi potential this chapter.

    I hope we at least get a Snad-Zhor wheelchair race or fight.

    1. Hah, yeah, fight was my other thought. Like trying to kill each other from their not-so-close chairs whenever Mel’s back is turned, but smiling angels when she turns back to them.

  5. Oh :3 I play on EU servers but I might make an alt on Goblin just because.

    Chibi-wise, a parody of the Laele vs Khaless fight similar to the one of the Syphile vs Quain fight would be cute :3 Link for reference (Either chibi parody because both made me giggle back when I first read them)

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