The 3 pages that got drawn during the event:


Yes it’s rushed, it’s only 2 hours! XD Mau is represented by Silvertea is represented by Mercy.
Its on!


  1. I was at work, so I could only steal glances (with no sound, so I missed all the salt :D and it was month end today too), but it looked off da hook yo! And nice sketches Kern, capturing the highlights! \o/ So something happened with LP and his Walls of Ice? ; > Was that Mau with the liberal hosing down with the gatling gun? And as I asked, right at the end of the stream, there was a brief webcam shot of a girl with long hair looking cute but pissed, who was that? ^_^ (or was it a commercial? and what’s with those annoying commercials anyway?!) It was good to also see Thrair in there, and Luna and I think Vlash? on the chat. It looked like a success, I think at one time it said something like 74 viewers or more? It looked like a lot of fun, hopefully next Friday I can, er, take an official break or something ; )

  2. “Something” happened with LP and a Wall of Ice, alright!

    The miserable Judas threw down a wall of ice right between me and the rest of the team…. Guess which side the ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM was on?

    I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t the side LP was on. -.-

      1. Wait… who was the Mei, then? I’ll be totally honest… towards the end of that one, everyone was scrambling and it was pure chaos. Sweet heart-pounding chaos.

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