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4700$ was the price to get the prologue commercialy printed with the posters. It’ll be very difficult and take years to sell all the stocks. high upfront cost, for a small trickles with risk. This is why that more the question of printing chapter 1 is pondered upon, more i feel it is not wise. Sure, there’ll be a hundred or two hundred people really wanting it. But it won’t cover the total cost. Not mentioning the cost of making chapter 1 itself as a side project. Each drowtales page you read cost us from 75$ to 125$, not including Kite and I own time working on them. All this is paid by Daydream and PTP right now. Daydream mostly. Thanks to your support, it is possible to do those fast high quality updates but any extras like printing can be truly daunting.

That leave small on demand printing which doesn’t do justice quality wise or perhap a completly different approach ought be considered. We live in an era where digital distribution is becoming more important, heck, we are digitaly distributing our content after all. So why insist on going old school?  Because people love printed book for collecting and it make people respect our work a little more to see it in a shops/ library? Doesn’t seem to be enough reason. One more thing that been making me doubt this path is the company i used to print drowtales last time, Transcontinental, announced financial difficulty, closing some of their place, firing people. We’re in a recession! Things goes bad. We’re not affected in a negative way because the USD dollar finally crawling out of the pit, yet it make one think a little more about decisions.

Lot of thought put down in text already…. i’ll get to the point now. 4000$ is a lot of money. Which could be spent to improve the current services instead. So let’s see if digital package could be the alternative for chapter 1 distribution. Zero distribution and printing cost.  Half the price of a book. All profits to drowtales. It’d help paying the artists working on making it, reducing the financial impact this project would have. What would you get out of such digital package?

-All the new chapter 1 pages in one bundle months before it goes online to the public.

-High resolution files.

-Concepts arts of characters and backgrounds.

-Story document and script.

Not much but if you have something to suggest which would make such digital package more interesting, go ahead. Tell me what you want. Even if just a hundred people buy it, we’d have a lower cost of producing chapter1 , plus those who been asking for more inside looks, scripts and concepts arts, will get what they wanted. Could order a very low quantity of print on-demand book. and make it a second tier purchase. “Get digital only package for 4$” and “Get digital only package + the book delivered to your home for 12$”. That way those who really want a book version could have it.


  1. Man, that sounds serious! Wish I could help, but since I don’t have any money, I can at least throw in an idea. Why don’t you offer customized DT wallpaper to interested individuals? I mean, it would seem rather appealing to some people to have their very own one-of-a-kind wallpaper that can’t be found anywhere else.

  2. I wasn’t talking about Daydream wallpaper. Besides, it’s only an idea. Does anyone else have any ideas to help out Kern and Drowtales?

  3. Sounds good for me.
    The costs are less and the money goes direkt to drowtales.
    The problem is that it is hard to make people pay for something they can (theoretical) get everyday for free. True a computer data and a book aren´t the same but this is about how to support the remake of the first chapter and a digital package is much less complicate.
    I like the idea that the people who buy digital packages see chapter one first and i was always curious how a drowtales chapter script looks like. I would buy one.

  4. well, you can always tell your friends, family and people you barely know about the comic.
    maybe they have some money they are willing to spend

  5. p.s.: on the GirlGenius site, there is a flyer meant to be printed out and distributed by the fans. maybe something like that could help DT as well

  6. I think some may be interested in a walkthrough of the comic process. I know you’ve posted one before in the news. However, I don’t mean just posting at the completed ink, flat, BG, and character shading stage- if the artist remembers to take a few screenshots during the actual process with the PS menus intact (eg. screenie at the first shading, then at the highlights, then a couple at the ‘atmosphere’ stage, etc.) would be very interesting. Or a shot of a page from draft to lineart. A short 2-3 lines, where the artist explains his/her process would also be quite helpful. Many of DT’s readers are learning artists, and I think they would be very interested in something like this.

    Alternatively, you could record a video.. although that could be quite terrifying. :p It’s not a feasible option for a comic page, but if you were to record a BG concept from start to finish, that would be neat. *attempts to steal Kite’s brain*

    You may also wish to consider adding a couple bonus chibi strips that would not be posted publically, to sweeten the deal.

  7. Oh, another idea– you could also include a .zip file with a selection of forum avatars/LJ icons from chapter 1 characters. I know people can do that kind of thing themselves, but it’s nice if you don’t have to paint over the text bubbles. XD

  8. I’ve seen an interesting donation incentive on It’s called “Tempts Fate” there. The idea is a little side-comic whose results depend on how much/fast some donation goals are met. Perhaps a similar idea could work here?

  9. I think the digital distribution is a great idea! Cut out the middle man with a big sharp jaggedy knife! PLUS! INSTANT GRATIFICATION! No waiting for shipping really, poor UPS guys are gonna be out of a job by the time I’m 60… You wanted suggestions for stuff to add to the package? Why not add some commentary from the artists and writer? Not a lot, don’t make extra work for yourselves, just some here and there, especially from guests. And a CD cover design that we can use to decorate the CD we write all these files to. (can’t just leave em on our computer, they’d crash) Mmmm that’s all I got.

  10. ………………. somebody elses comment gave me another idea, and of course there’s no way to edit my comment so I have to double post :P You could make a Behind The Scenes movie of Drowatales at your studio, that’d be soooo cooooooooooooooooool. (note, lemme edit my own comments, I don’t liek double posting it’s weird :/)

  11. If it includd all the things you said (concept arts, etc.), I would buy it. I’m always curious about what is going on in the artists/authors’ heads. :)

  12. Combining digital package and on-demand or not-on-demand print of Chapter 1 (and future chapters) for, say, $12 sounds a very good idea imo. Not only people get their books, but they also get the digital extras. Win! ;)

    If the package is to go on though you need to resolve how will it be distributed. Some might not be capable of downloading it: I recommend you offer an on-demand CD version of Chapter 1 which people with slow Internet can order.

  13. I like the idea but would the combination digital and printed book package go on sale the same time as the pure digital package? It would be annoying if you want both to have to wait for the combination package when the pure digital copy is already for sale. Also some people might not realize that there would be a combination package coming out and buy the digital package just to find out that they have to buy it again if they want the book.
    As for other money raising ideas you could try something like the donation wallpaper that has. Every month they have a few wallpapers that you can get from them if you pay a minimum donation amount; small samples of them are shown on the same webpage as the comic pages. You could make wallpapers from the chapter title pages or scenes in the comic if that would save time and effort and you only have each wallpaper available for a month ( though with the chance of it being offered again in later years if it was really popular or if you are low on time to make a new one) which helps to create a sense of urgency so that people will buy it right away instead of waiting. Also if you have sketches or pictures that you want to draw and color just for fun you could have those set up as the wallpapers.

  14. A seemingly common way to fund a print is trough pre-orders. Several other webcomics I read post an announcement on an upcoming book and put a preorder meter on the main page to track them.

  15. i’l get a daydream account as soon as i get a postal prepayed card,i hope it helps

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