saturday stream

Kousei vaping at Anahid, for Thrair.
Kiel and Nau in school uniforms for Lordpanther by Lunareth.
Amazing 3d model of the leek maid that kite designed, by Darkvolt.
Twitch artwork for Eltharion in progress.
concept for spider in progress.

Challenge set by tsukiko : Character on tinder.
For Oshanstudio:
For Aurawyn:
For Bluetiggy:


On today’s multistream: Commissions commissions commission. From all artists present we’ll try to make progress on our stacks. If you have one with me i’ll try to at least sketch it. Plus the mid-stream art challenge at 4h40 and the request giveaway to 3 lucky audience member at the end of stream! Come out with us on this fine saturday.


  1. Naughty Kousei is looking to get told off! (By Eve, among others) Or set on fire. (Chiri) Or clawed. (Chi’quote) Or beaten up. (Ariel disguised as a Kyorl) Or shown up by a display of extreme cloud-chasing using a much bigger and more powerful e-cigarette. (Ash’waren) Or sat on. (Fat cat, Cinnamon, etc.) Or be told to go and contemplate the truth of Sharess the old-fashioned way. (Anahid) Or be beset by Kiel’ndia and friends, all asking questions and wanting a try.

    Speaking of Kiel, if Ana can hack Tinder, Kiel could hack it more. I can imagine a suitably cute Tinder user (Durlyn, for instance, would be an immediate target if he signed up) attempting to reject Kiel’s profile, repeatedly pressing the “No” button (or trying to press it while it jumps around and vanishes), and getting so worked up about this that they fail to notice Kiel, guided to the spot by their smartphone’s location data, sneaking up from behind with a large butterfly net!


  2. “Hey did you hear that Ana got heckled by Kousei during a speech?” “Yeah, it’s in all the vapors” :P Such a bad boy! Kiel and Nau looking cute in their school uniforms, in the rain…all those friend demons under the umbrella are hilarious! :D The 3D leekmaid is adorable, like the original drawing come alive! Viri’sylvia barely reaches the Tinder selfie, which is funny because shouldn’t she be holding the camera? XD Poor Taldrin (on Tindrow, hee!)…why nope? He’s smol and cuuute! ^^ Another outstanding stream, guys! (which I got to enjoy in a hotel room last Saturday…paid extra for high speed WiFi, which made it comparable to my experience at home, little to no lag)

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