steady updates

Chapter 50 has now been running for more than a month without any delayed updates. Each pages came at midnight everyday. Which i consider an achievement considering our track record of the previous year before that. Soon there will be a guest page from Darkvolt though, as it’s meant to fit with the Vloz arc to come next. This will help maintain the buffer a bit longer.
The commission completed today is the private one for Nie about Mel which i cannot show.
Next will be Ptitbaf concept art.


  1. One page a day? Don’t overwork yourselves so that you get injured or burned out.

  2. A technique I’ve read once for maintaining a cycle is to put a calendar in a public place.

    Then every day you’ve done the set-out mission, mark an X in it.

    Make several, and they become the streak. Maintaining that streak becomes the much simpler goal.

    This way, pride/habit/guilt reinforce doing it.

    Something like this can be helpful to me.

    But…For you, literally falling asleep on the tablet, I don’t think that is necessary at all.
    There is a lot I could learn from you, Kern, and I don’t mean just the art.

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