Chapter 2 complete!

Yup, it done, it finally done! Now let tackle chapter 3 and fill the empty gaps in the story that been plaguing us for so long!
Chapter 3 will be complete the 28th may so the hole will disapear then? nope it won’t. Because then chapter 4 will disapear, to be remade, so will be 5,6,7,8 and 9 eventually. But the prologue will come before chapter 4.

Chapter 2 downloadable zip will be available monday! The new webdesign should be online the 13th and Path to power, the new section replacing demonic courtship, will be online at the end of the month.

I’m not going to dwell any longer on how chapter 2 was agonazingly slow and boring for us. Instead let talk about the future. Lately there was a lot of thinking put into growing the team somehow , to achieve faster updates. That brought up the question : How long do i actually need to finish all the chapters of Drowtales? So i’ve tackle the project of putting on papers all the upcoming chapters. It didn’t matter if it is innacurate and may change a lot when the actual writting come, the point was to put down all my plans and idea in as small text as possible. A summary of the key points. Turn out, there is 38 chapters for the first half of Moonless Age story. Yup, 38… …38. I wasn’t expecting that, it can be unbeleivable if you put yourself in my shoes, to imagine you’d have to draw ALL THAT!!! Thousand of pages. If we would be continuing at the current rate, 4 pages a week, an average of 30-40 pages per chapters and considering only 5 chapters are not being remade. That make 68 months. About 6 years if you keep in mind some pauses. Yup 6 damn years. Do i want that? nope, nobody would want to wait that long just to get to the point when Ariel return from the surface. I don’t want moonless age to be a life work, i don’t want to be still drawing it when i’ll be old.

So what is the solution? Build a bigger reliable team, full time people. And we make 10 pages a week. I got a plan for how to do that. I can do 6 pages a week easy, cleaned lineart with text. Give me an inker and i can make 12. Give an assistant to Kite and i’m sure she can make 10 coloring a week. Chimera can do 10 backgrounds a week too. Work monday to friday, 2 pages a day. Saturday for side projects, scripts and such. Sunday as break. But… i lack both human ressources and money at the moment. Would need a full time inker and coloring assistant. As well as well as a few thousands to pay them. A hard goal. Especially considering Chimera and Kite are not curently available full time.

What are the other solutions? nothing good i’m afraid. Giving up on drowtales someday, left unfinished. Or making a different team continue it someday, and we move to something else. So… Let hope i can achieve the bigger team by the end of 2007.

I already want to start something new. Drowtales project became so huge that it can be overwhelming and often very hard to just grind pages after pages, knowing how much work is left ahead of us. Everyday, so many tasks. doing some chibi strips was fun, doing sketches can be fun. Kite want to do her own story too, without quality restriction, her own way, her own writting. I fully understand it, i’d like also a small story for the fun, no specific update days, no quality to reach, not even any writting sessions, just random ideas poping up like that from time to time! I wouldn’t even need to make it in the universe of drowtales. A crazy world like disgaea, where anything could happen, any crossovers…. Maybe… if i can get a reliable team going, i could try such comic for the fun. Just not now.

So yes,now i said it. i’m sure many will shake their head when they read that, thinking it too much. Nobody in the webcomic world is trying such crazy stuff, but other proffesional studio can do weekly printed b&w manga. If they can do that, we can do a monthly full full color manga.
Kite did a parody of the chibi page while she was coloring, it deffinitly worth posting online:

Chapter 2 chibi parody of parordy


  1. Oh Kern! If I were 18 and talented I would move to Canada to be a part of the team. >_

  2. Oh Kern! If I were 18 and talented I would move to Canada to be a part of the team.
    ( But damn, by the time I graduate from High School, it will already be 2 years. Maybe there is a collage in Canada I can go to. )
    Its hard enough finishing a book for school while there are so many other stories I want to read, but after so long working on DT, something in you must feel horribly suppressed. A lot of webmanga have been cased aside on a whim, I have so much respect for you keeping this running so smoothly for so long. You and your team are amazing.
    Although I can be of no help, I send you all my good thoughts and prayers.
    ( Did I just double post this? Aurg… I don’t understand how these cute little comment boxes work. D: )

  3. Aw, I’m going to copy Beau: If I were 18 (I’m pretty talented at colouring, but not so much inking), I’d totally move to Canada and help out. This is the first webcomic I had the pleasure of reading (I was drawn in by the 4th anniversary flash), and regardless of what you do with it, it’ll always have a place in my heart.

    I wish you luck, and further enthuse for the project! ^^

  4. While my art and coloring are not the best, I often get comments on my inks. And considering that I alreayd live in Canada, get out of school in three months and will need a job, I guess that I’ll try to apply as soon as you start looking for an inker.

  5. Holy garbage, I never realized how massive Moonless is. I started reading Drowtales in junior high. If you guys managed to finish, I’d be done university, and hopefully working. That’s like a lifetime away. xD I’m proud of you all.

    Good luck finding awesome people to help you. By the looks of it, you’ve got eager fans willing to help. ;)

  6. i wouldn’t mind paying for drowtales if it meant 10-12 pages a week. i know you have lots of other projects with which you do make money but i never found those to be worth it drowtales would be.

    your other option is to make a system where you can have fans ink for you, by giving them access to the sketch well in advance and then you’d need to have 1 or 2 fans both ink the page and be ready to redo it if it’s not up to spec…
    perhaps you could use a comunity or peer review for this though.

    becouse a bigger dedicated(full time) team is going to cost you lots of money.

  7. Hey Kern! Um, it’s entirely up to you, but I think that maybe you should finish the rest of the story first, then go back to do the remakes. Then we all have a new page to look forward to. ^_^ Once again, it’s entirely up to you. I just think it might be a good idea. ( I’m looking forward to chapter 13!) ^^

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