Pretty murder princess

The warm up of the day is a follow up on last week livestream where i was completely not fooled by Niasse(Eliihrshaan’s character) true gender. Speaking of which, tomorrow livestream will be with Lunareth and Mau. Luna has lordpanther commission, while Mau will have some naga time. I will be doing the wedding Anahid picture and if anytime is left, proceed further with the next daydream page commission, which has been sketched earlier today.

Darkvolt has been practicing 3d modeling lately , with some very good render of undertale characters. Here is his first attempt at Kiel:

And Soulcode made a tribute to Ariel’s chapter 40 speech.


  1. Not if I murder you first!

    …Except that that would be self defence. …Hang on, are you talking about murdering Kern? …No, that still isn’t going to work, regardless – No Kern = No Drowtales + Unhappy Kite. So no murder for you, young lady! *gives grandmother look, wags axe at her*


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