Chapter 2 about to end

2 pages left and 1 chibi page afterward. Then the chapter that have taken 3 years to complete, will finally be over. To me the story is ancient and the fun of it was long gone.

This is why i really look forward to start on Chapter 3 pages. I just finished the 48 draft pages of that upcoming chapters. All layouts, all what i will draw for the coming two months down on paper. Fresh new writting style, fresh new story. I beleive without any doubt that chapter 3 will be the best chapter yet. First page will be post online next wednesday! Monday there will be no update as is. Though the entire chapter will be made available at that date and perhap all the concept arts.

Now for the fanarts of the week, i’m too lazy to go and upload those i got by file sends. Kohdok did a personal version of why a stone fell on Ariel floater in page 85:

There is also that one of all the students of chapter 2 :


  1. Eii! I’m so excited for Chapter Three! You’re so amazing Kern, redoing all those first chapters.

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