Tei’kaliath pendant design

The crafter Jessica Sarroco created this prototype of tei’kaliath pendant for the path to power community. Is it something that interest you?

The cost would be 4-5$ per pendant. Interested , disinterested? Use the voting poll.
Want a change in the design, something to suggest? Then don’t use the poll, leave a comment.


  1. The coin itself is great – but the one that has the attached string…holder thingy – (not a jeweler – obviously) – isn’t at the right place for the star shape. *tilts head* The spacing for that is wrong, the lower ‘left’ point should be the one at the top. The ‘tail’ of the inner swirl should be pointing down.

  2. Looks nice. :) But with the slightly uneven arm spacing, I think you need to be careful of alignment when attaching the pendant loop. For example, in the bottom image, it looks like the arm in the 8:00 position should be at the top (i.e. rotated 120 degrees clockwise – I think that is what Picanet meant in her comment). Also, in addition to a pendant, would it be possible to make a type with a flat loop on the back that can be slipped onto a belt or a backpack strap, etc.? Because I don’t wear pendants, but I do have several belts, backpack straps, etc. that could use one. :P

  3. I would prefer to have it oriented properly, but I do like it and will order one once it becomes available.

  4. There is not much to add to what has already been said, the designs look great and I will certainly be wanting one, even more so if orientation and spacing is corrected.

  5. It’s a beautiful job to begin with, I can’t wait to buy one and wear it proudly. I do have to agree with the others that the symbol’s spaceing and orientation needs to be fixed. Still, amazing job for a prototype! :)

  6. Question: Is the pendent set in something to hold it? In the first picture, there are no stringing loops

  7. I think if the symbol itself was a slightly brighter shade of blue then it would be perfect.

  8. Nice colors. But I disliked the “button” like form. I’d rather get one if it was like a 5 pointed star, the clan simbol. You could bring on a chain an turn it on a medallion!

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